The South Brookline Neighborhood Association (SBNA) is a neighborhood organization that works for the character and safety of the neighborhood of South Brookline, MA.

The SBNA has been successfully put forth a neighborhood voice on issues including the fate of the Infant Jesus Church; safety at Bournewood Hospital, an ongoing issue; traffic safety at several intersections and streets; cell towers radiating above Putterham Circle shops, which we prevented; further development of Hancock Village, an ongoing issue; and others.
We create neighborhood camaraderie through events such as book swaps, neighborhood parties, traffic box painting, and exchanging recommendations of contractors to use, charities to support, etc. We do all this through the dedicated work of many who have volunteered endless hours to attend meetings, distribute flyers, get petitions signed, gather email addresses, run the email system, and represent our neighborhood to other neighborhood associations, the Brookline Police, the Town, and Massachusetts.
The organization of the SBNA has evolved with changes in technology. While we no longer hold regular meetings, we continue to maintain an organization that gives interested neighbors the means to organize community efforts. We use an email network so that neighbors may contact one another when issues arise that need to be addressed. As has been the case throughout SBNA history, those most interested in an issue can use the SBNA to gather ideas and support in working to resolve an issue or create a new opportunity for our neighborhood. Members of the SBNA board can provide you with their experience-backed advice on getting neighborhood issues addressed. The best place to start is to use the SBNA-discuss email list to describe your concern, generate a discussion, and ask those interested in helping to contact you. You can use the SBNA-classifieds to exchange other kinds of information.  And you can stay abreast of the proposed Hancock Village expansion via
PreserveBrookline.  More information on these lists can be found here.
To join with other neighbors,
subscribe to get started, and make sure your neighbors do too!
If you know a neighbor who doesn't use email, please consider keeping them updated on issues of interest to them.